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Gustavo has been writing songs since he learned his first chords. At the age of nine 9, his grandfather passed away and he intuitively picked up the guitar and wrote a song to try to soothe the family aching. Born in Brasilia, he spent most of his teens focusing on becoming a pro basketball player, achieving impressive accolades individually and with his club. That dream was interrupted by the discovery of a minor heart issue, shifting his energy towards his other passion: music.

Joined by childhood friends Philipe and Lucas, the 16 year old Gustavo and his older brother Tomas dived right into the idea of becoming a rock band. Gradually and consistently, Scalene showed a quick and impressive growth as an independent band, culminating in the pivotal year of 2015 - SXSW, Lollapalooza and the reality show “Superstar” gave them the push they needed to sign with major label Som Livre and pursuit the career they wanted. Scalene went on to play all the important festivals (including Rock In Rio’s mainstage), release acclaimed albums, record a live DVD in a soccer stadium for nearly five thousand fans and establish themselves as one of the most important new bands in the country. 

Along side all of that, Gustavo kept on writing intimate folk songs - intertwining contemporary songwriters (Sufjan Stevens, City and Colour, Feist, Matt Corby…) with his childhood early encounters (Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel…). He has released three albums and played very few shows since 2015. The latest - “The Fine Line Between Loneliness And Solitude” - was recorded in wintery Berlin. Gustavo's voice sounds more delightful than ever and his songwriting more mature. Intricate fingerpicking of rich harmonies are accompanied by beautiful string arrangements and experimental synthesisers. As Gustavo recorded his demos, he started to accept Sao Paulo's city noise and imperfections as textures to pursuit a more urban and less-stereotypical aesthetic to his folk songs. A sound that was masterfully crafted by his friend and producer Lucas Mayer. The album was released during the pandemic in the format of a live act/audition/contemporary art installation in August, 2020.

Gustavo has since then released well received single collabs and an EP-epilogue called “A More Translucent Haze” - a final note on the healing melancholy of Gustavo’s recent phase. As he finishes Scalene’s new album, which will be the band’s return to their heavy sound, he’s excited about getting back on the road. Meanwhile, he’ll keep on writing, like he’s always done.